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We offer full service condominium association and HOA Management. We also offer a la carte services, bookkeeping only and property management.

The Benefits of using Pennywise Property Management, LLC

  • The management company can provide guidance and assistance I management skills and financial matters.
  • Your Community Manager can establish continuity with Co-owners and service providers.
  • The management company can provide the professional skills needed for accurate quotes from service professionals. All reviewed by the Board of Directors.
  • A management firm will provide a professionally prepared budget for the Board of Directors to establish dues and special assessments and analyze reserve fund.
  • The management company handles the collection of assessments, pursures delinquencies, maintains and monitors payables, utility scheudles, etc.
  • The management company provides monthly financial reports, prepares for the tax returns to be completed, complies with insurance audits and submits the necessary certificates.
  • The management company will solicit bids, hire and supervise contractors.
  • The management company will provide on-site inspections as well as four Board of Directors meetings in addition to the annual meeting (two weeks prior notice required).
  • The management company is an employee of the association and acts as a liaison in association matters.
  • The management company can handle all work orders received from the Co-owners if give the authority by the Board of Directors.
  • The Management company will assist the Board of Directors in the enforcement of association Rules & Regulations and revisions if required.
  • The management company handles all general correspondence.
  • The management company oversees the general responsibilities of the contractors for snow removal, building maintenance, lawn maintenance, grounds maintenance, work orders, etc.
  • The management company provides the guidance to the Board of Directors to make decisions that operate the association in the manner that meets the needs of the Co-owners.

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